hiBoost is a venture building studio that is designed to develop winning business models in technology startups and working closely with founders to ensure sustainable scaling.


Through our venture building model, we will find the specific needs of startups , create tailor-made appropriate strategies, and guide startups in the execution processes through our partners. Our team and mentorswork like co-founders with the startups throughout ideation, team building, MVP, product-market fit processes, and investor relations.

Apply to hiBoost to reach a $2M valuation 1 year after the idea stage.

Business Model Development

Together we build up winning business models for your startup.


We invest in you from day one and help you out to get funded to Series A.

Venture Specific Mentoring

Through our mentors, we provide 1to1 professional in-depth support and bring startups with business, marketing, finance, tech, design, legal experts.

Exclusive Support Package

Get benefit from leading products & services from our valuable partners in global and reduce your cost, extend runway!

Extensive Collaborations

We create the necessary infrastructure for cooperation of hiBoost startups with the leading institutions of the ecosystem.

Wide Business Network

We make the processes easier for startups through our wide range of business networks.


Boost your startup with hiBoost!



We meet you to understand your startup’s existing position. Together with you, we discover what to do to realize your winning business model and to reach financial indicators.


Get Funded

We accelerate the growth of your startup via investment.


Build Value

Our team and superheros work like co-founders and help you create active value for the ecosystem continuously.


Get Boosted

We accelerate the growth of your startup and create new customer channels for you. We walk together with you in the follow-up investments.

Our Service Providers

We partner up with effective organizations from all industries to create value at a bigger skill and offer a more extended experience pool for our startups.