Take your startup to the next level with our hiBoost program.


hiBoost is a startup development company that assumes a long-term partnership position with startups, rather than simply being an independent investor, working closely with them to ensure sustainable scaling. We provide startups that demonstrate high growth potential with the necessary tool-kit, investment, mentoring, business network and assets, in partnership with key associates such as hiVC and similar investment firms. Through our Venture build model, we will detect the unique needs of companies, create tailor-made appropriate strategies, and guide startups in the execution processes through our partners’ collective knowledge base and expertise. Our team and superheroes work like co-founders with the startups throughout ideation, team building, MVP, product-market fit processes, and investor relations.

Development of Business Model

We focus on creating a winning business model for your startup. Together, we validate your business plans and assumptions, help you form your team and test the market, as well as prepare you for getting investment.


We invest in you from day one and help you out to get funded to Series A. We fill the investment gap with our internal investment capital and our investment partners, VCs and angel networks globally.

Superhero & Mentors

1to1 professional in-depth support. Work with the experts on business, marketing, finance, tech, design, legal and all your need.

Distribution Channels

Our industry partners are ready to provide you sector-specific know-how and new distribution channels for your product & services and help you out generate cash.

Community & Space

Become a member and have access to events & activities that connect you to a great business and angel investor network. Use workspaces in Istanbul and Bodrum.

Extend Runway

Get benefit from leading products & services from our valuable partners in global and reduce your cost, extend runway!


Boost your startup with hiBoost!



We meet you to understand your startup’s existing position, deserved place and the gap between. We discover what to do to realize your winning business model and create a strategy to reach out there.


Build Value

Our team and superheros work like co-founders to continously help you create active value for the ecosystem.


Get Funded

Growing you faster, finding new customer channels, and walking with you to the next investment rounds will remain as our main focuses.

Our Service Providers

We partner up with effective organizations from all industries to create value at a bigger skill and offer a more extended experience pool for our startups.