About hiVC

We are a public fund that provides extensive support to early-stage startups through all the necessary entrepreneurial steps from idea to exit.

Our philosophy

Turkish startup ecosystem has immense potential for success and global leadership if the right environment were granted for visionary entrepreneurs to connect with experienced leaders in respective industries. Yet, startups have to endure a vast series of obstacles in all stages including idea, early-stage, angel investment, growth, globalisation and exit. The ecosystem lacks fast and effective investment, high impact mentorship, guidance, extensive network and investment support. Our vision in creating hiWorld is supporting the Turkish startup ecosystem, bolstering the entrepreneurial culture, creating winning business models and sustaining success through ensuring constant collaboration across different players in the ecosystem.

Our Story

Our team is composed of unique leaders and serial entrepreneurs that have created billion dollar firms, executed legendary IPOs, successful exits, and generated critical value for the startup ecosystem. Given their solid track record of success having created valuable organizations such as StarterHub, Angel Effect, and Boğaziçi Ventures, they set out to bring ecosystem players together and support startups from a holistic lens.

Our Team

Executive Board Member

Onur Topaç

The CEO of Gedik Yatırım, and the co-founder of Startershub, Boğaziçi Ventures, and Angel Effect. Is experienced in billion dollar company management and has executed 2 public companies.
Executive Board Member

Ersin Pamuksüzer

Lead the creation of critical regional power houses such as Turkcell, Ericsson, LifeCo, Startershub, and Angel Effect, creating billion dollar companies.
Executive Board Member

Koray Bahar

Is a serial entrepreneur, with a solid track record of successful exits and investments.

Our Investment Partners

Our Service Providers

We partner up with effective organizations from all industries to create value at a bigger skill and offer a more extended experience pool for our startups.