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hiVC is an early stage venture capital dedicated to leading early-stage startups in creating winning business models and attaining success at a global scale.

What is hiVC?

hiVC is a VC that supports early stage technology companies through their journey from idea stage to exit. Our comprehensive support mechanism is powered by its highly competent founders and industry superheroes that embrace our portfolio startups as a part of their own. The active, hands-on support that we provide through our seasoned partners and superheroes offers far greater potential of growth to startups, than any investment they might receive either from us or elsewhere.


Deal Flow Engine

Our rapid deal engine processes a deal in at most 7 days, granting the ability to process over 2000 startups a year.

 Value Building

We discover the unique needs of startups and provide tailor-made support through creating a roadmap to fill individual gaps in assets such as team building, revenue generation, legal and financial counseling.

Extensive Support Network

We partner with the best services providers in order to ensure reduced costs and extend your runway prospects.

On-going funding support

Our family has access to the continuous and unwavering support of our investment partners through all stages from idea to exit.

Our Portfolio

Our Selection Process

The startups applying to hiVC go through an elaborate selection process, for our team to identify their potential for growth. Following the initial analyses of the startups, we move on to the next steps in our value building process with the ones that align with our goals. Through such an elaborate selection process and clear expectations we set, we aim to steer the startups towards hiVC goals from the beginning, while securing the value building potential of hiVC portfolio.


Winning Business Model

A business model that expertly identifies needs and action items, risk assessments and generates a sustainable revenue model will attract our attention.



We are looking for a management team that completes each other, has high prospects of successfully executing their business plan and can generate high value.


Product & Services

We are in search of solutions that capitalize on technological innovations and generate products and services that address contemporary problems.


Global Mindset

We want to partner with firms that have a global outlook and shoot for the stars!


Market Opportunities

Our aim is to onboard startups working in sectors that offer immense potentials for growth.

Who we are?

We are a public fund aimed at carrying startups from idea to exit and providing extensive support through all stages. We are powered by an adept team of industry leaders that have created billion dollar firms, invested in and created value for countless startups, executed successful exits and are experienced in the startup journey. Our founders have worn various hats in the ecosystem, including as entrepreneurs, and investors.

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